Steps To Take When Wrongfully Accused of a Crime

what to do when wrongfully accused

Unfortunately, the authorities may commit lapses in their investigations of a crime and very possibly, some people may be wrongfully accused of inflicting injuries against another or of an offense they did not commit.

If you find yourself facing this type of situation, you might want sit down and orient yourself on how you should react and what steps you should take in your journey to being liberated from a wrongful accusation.

Being in this situation is painstaking as the wrongfully accused persons are almost automatically deemed as guilty even when it has not yet been proven. The burden lies on the accused to prove that he is not guilty.

What To Do

  • Remain silent.

Remember that you have the right to remain silent. This does not mean that you have succumbed to the guilty plea; the right to remain silent actually helps you avoid from getting into more trouble. As you know, anything you say can be used against you; hence, it is best to remain silent for the time being especially if you have no legal aid with you.

  • Decline searching and testing.

Do not be intimidated by the authorities if ever they pressure you into searches or tests; you can actually decline this. More so, if they cannot provide the appropriate warrant and if there is no court order, do not submit to their requests. Even if you are innocent and you think there is nothing that they will find that will incriminate you, it is still better to play safe during this time.

how to deal with criminal case

  • Gather evidence.

The best way to prove your innocence is by having solid proof of it. Certain evidences that may be considered in court may include CCTV footage or those records in logbooks. If there are witnesses who are willing to testify in your favor, you’ll have to gather them as well. The court may also look into your alibis thoroughly to determine if it is credible or not.

  • Hire a lawyer.

Most importantly, make sure you secure the help of a legal professional who is within your area. If you live in Charleston, then stick with a criminal lawyer in Charleston. It’s very important to be guided by a lawyer, who knows the national and local laws, in situations like these. Since they know the law and how it works, it’s best to listen to the advice they give. Furthermore, contribute to the case as well by helping your lawyer in some ways you can. Orient your lawyer well and do not hide anything from them as this may just spell out a worse disaster for you.

Bottom Line

This situation is far from easy. Certain emotions might plague you and your family but don’t let the situation get the best of you. Realistically speaking, the process may take long and it may even cost a lot depending on what crime you are dealing with; sadly, you will have to go through all of this in order to clean your reputation. Although it may seem unfair, always trust in the idea that the truth will come out sooner or later. Do everything in your power to maintain your innocence.

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