Effective Tips in Selecting the Right Immigration Lawyer

choosing the best immigration lawyer

Immigrating to another country is quite a tough challenge. Aside from the overwhelming paperworks that need to be processed, what makes it difficult, sometimes, is the choice of country as well. For example, immigrating to the United States, as many will say, is truly challenging. Immigrating from the United States to a different country is definitely not easy as well. This is mainly why many immigrants seeked help from immigration lawyers.

There are many reliable immigration attorney in Miami and other parts of the United States and so finding one that is trustworthy and reliable will not be difficult. Still there are a number of tips which you can follow before selecting which attorney is best for you.

The Main Tips

  • Get Recommendations or Referrals

It is true that being advertised by word-of-mouth is still extremely powerful. People will definitely speak good things about a lawyer if he or she had done something impressive and worth talking about. With this in mind, ask the people around you, whom you trust, for recommendations and referrals of immigration lawyers. The best proof that these lawyers are truly capable of helping is the fact that they have happy clients who have immigrated successfully.

  • Check their Credentials.

You can call your local state bar to inquire about the lawyers you have in mind. Ask about their standing and if they have had any disciplinary actions, etc.

  • Interview the Lawyers

Do not settle for only 1 recommended lawyer. At least have 2 options to choose from. Make sure you get to interview both or all options you have. You can ask them similar questions in order for you to compare their answers. Basically, you need to get to know their fees, available schedules, their methods of payment and paper processing, etc.

  • Contact Previous Clients

A successful lawyer would have no problem in allowing you to ask their previous clients about their performances in previous projects.

  • Compare Options and Select

Now that you have the information you need, you may want to start selecting which lawyer fits your standards best. If you cannot make your mind up yet, you may want to use the internet in order to search for reviews and feedback about that lawyer.

legal advice for immigration

Other Tips

  • Hire a lawyer who speaks your language in order to avoid misunderstandings and any other forms of miscommunication. This problem might occur if the client and the lawyer is not on the same page; this is why, language is very important since English may not perfectly relay what one wants to relay in another language.
  • If it is possible, negotiate the fees ahead of time. Most lawyers can estimate how long it will take them to finish the processes and so, deciding on fixed prices ahead of the time is quite beneficial for the client.
  • Hire a lawyer who is also well-acquainted with technological advancements with regards to immigration forms and other paperwork. This tip is specifically for those clients who would opt to fill-up the forms online through online documents. Immigration forms and paperwork may be quite a lot and so, it might be a bit difficult handling hard copies. However, this is optional.

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