Legal Business Services – Important Facts to Know

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Every business owner requires the help of a legal professional. Be it in the business of apparel, food, or that of Outdoor Movie HQ‘s projectors and other tech-related products, legal services might be needed in one way or another. The requirement for legal representation has grown in demand as the power of self-representation is weakened in favor of understanding law and legal procedures. The problem with the concept of finding legal representation is associated with the cost that created with attorney services. The retainer fee of an attorney can often exceed a thousand dollars and this only represents a starter’s fee. In addition to this, there are the hundreds of dollars you spend on the hours they work your case and all the fees associated with the documents created and filed in the case.

Legal Assistance

The new demand associated with finding legal assistance is with locating legal assistance that is affordable after an individual assesses all of the large expenses that are often associated with receiving legal representation on their legal affairs. The advantages of prepaid legal services can offer a solution to this cost based dilemma.

The low monthly rate designed to be affordable by any average family is a major feature of prepaid legal services. This opportunity may seem too good to be true but a review of what is offered for an individual might just reveal the great opportunity associated with Prepaid Legal Services.

Prepaid Legal Services

The first advantage in prepaid legal services is found in the new access you have available to the attorney network. Prepaid Legal Services is a company that has been open longtime ago and has developed a network of experienced lawyers in various fields, all with ten or more years of experience in the fields they are experts in.

This access to experienced attorneys is a fantastic preventative legal tool, allowing you to seek advice on legal issues in order to prevent them from going to major legal proceedings. With your monthly fee, you have access to the various experts five days a week, eight hours a day. Those fees vanish when you take advantage of the services found on Prepaid Legal Services.

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Consultations are not the limit of the services offered in prepaid legal services. The reviewing of contracts and the preparation of an individual’s Will are some of the smaller tasks that prepaid legal services offer. Defense in the court of law and assistance in tax auditing are some of the larger services provided in prepaid legal services. These services are great for any individual who desires to have the protection they need already set up during their greatest times of need.

This low-cost service is available to you, and also offers an opportunity where you have the chance to make money. The marketability of this plan is simple and Prepaid Legal Services would like to provide you with an opportunity to sign up friends, family and others to take advantage of this great service while you receive a commission on those sales.Workflow challenges are mostly common for small and medium-sized firms due to a smaller number of attorneys, support staff and clients. In such situation, legal process outsourcing allows firms to quickly scale up for a legal project. By outsourcing to service providers, you can have staffing flexibility; this also helps law firms to eliminate the fixed costs of salaries and benefits given to full-time, permanent employees.

Legal firms can reduce their cost structures through labor arbitrage – the wage differential between in-house legal personnel and outside vendors – to obtain tremendous cost savings. By outsourcing legal processes, law firms can automatically improve their efficiency and productivity. Legal process outsourcing will ensure quality work within minimum time

Owning a House in Thailand – Do You Really Own It?


After visiting the amazing Asian country Thailand, one would be so elated by its beautiful people, panoramic beaches, culinary delights and interesting culture that he would consider buying a piece of it to call his own in such a tropical paradise. The land of smiles has been attracting a good number of international investors.

Thailand’s foreign real estate market in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Hua Hin is thriving and so is the country’s tourism sector. Many foreigners have successfully invested sans any problem.

In the previous years, it was difficult for foreigners to legally buy a house, condo or any kind of property in Thailand. However, the country had relaxed its laws from 1997 onwards. Though some restrictions remain the same, it is now practically easier for foreigners to purchase a property in the country, according to Thai Visa Property.

Foreigners can own a house in Thailand, but not the land since the country’s laws prohibit them from owning a land under their own name. In owning a house, to build a structure on a land requires the foreigner to just apply for a construction permit if he has to build it in his own name.

A real estate in Thailand involves a land and a house and the owner of the land owns the things fixed to it. However, when the foreigner buys a house, the ownership of the house can be separated from the land it stands on. It must be registered to the local land office. Transfer fees and taxes are also required.

Thailand’s land office is the only government body which can administer and complete the transfer of ownership of a building or house, according to Samuiforsale. It usually takes at least 30 days from the announcement of the sale period from the first visit to the country’s land office structure document sale to be issued. The 30-day period is intended to see if anyone wants to contest the ownership over the property.


As for owning a land in Thailand, foreigners in previous years would set a joint venture with a Thai entity in the form of a Thai Limited Liability Company, where the Thai national will be the majority shareholder. They would then forge an agreement wherein the Thai entity will hand over complete power of attorney to the foreigner who will have significant security in the venture and ownership of the property.

The people involved in the joint venture are required to complete a tax return and pay a small amount of administrative fees and taxation every year. However, this kind of venture is now illegal in Thailand.

The current recommended option is a long term leasehold agreement. Foreigners who are unable to directly own a land in Thailand in most situations can take out a legal lease in their own name to secure themselves throughout the duration of the lease.

Long term leaseholds are commonly used when buying a property in contemporary residential development in Thailand. While the term varies and depends on the parties involved, an initial leasehold can be 30 years. Renewal and further leases could then be agreed but not enforceable under Thai law.